To start with, what does reconstructive surgery mean? In its broadest sense, reconstructive surgery is a type of plastic surgery. The main thing that differentiates this type of surgery from the cosmetic procedures that people normally think of when discussing plastic surgery is that a procedure that is reconstructive in nature has a higher degree of medical necessity. Rather than being used to remove hair, strengthen sagging skin, or provide a similar subtle change in appearance, reconstructive surgery is designed to fix something that has been damaged. This could include replacing a breast following a cancer-related mastectomy, fixing an abnormality in the palate, and much more.

Millions of people across the world seek out plastic surgery at one time or another during their lives. Despite this, there are a great many myths about plastic surgery. Some of these myths were never true to begin with, while others were true once but are no longer accurate due to advancing technologies within the fields. If you feel apprehensive about getting plastic surgery, it can help to look through some of the most pervasive myths about common procedures and compare them to the facts of today’s surgical field. Listed below are some of the most pervasive myths about plastic surgery as well as facts to explain the field in more detail.

Liposuction is a common technique in plastic surgery that involves removing excess fat from under your skin by using suction techniques. Popular forms of this procedure include neck liposuction, chin liposuction, and more. Commonly referred to as lipo, liposuction is a safe and effective fat removal procedure that forms the backbone of modern plastic and cosmetic surgery.

Virtually everybody finds themselves with a scar somewhere on their bodies at some point during their lives. Sometimes, the scars heal on their own. Other times, they can last for a lifetime or even get worse as the years go by. Fortunately, thanks to the scar removal procedure options available in the modern world, almost any scar can be removed quickly and easily. If you have a scar that you wish would just go away, the solutions presented below may be for you.

Neck liposuction is an effective way to slim down your face and neck area, providing you with more confidence and a more toned look than ever before. When you start looking into neck liposuction, however, you might find yourself asking many questions that need answers before you commit to the procedure. For example, what’s the difference between neck liposuction and neck lift? How much does it cost to get neck liposuction? The answers to these questions and more are provided below.

Laser skin treatment, also known as laser skin resurfacing, can help to reduce signs of aging and can also serve as a therapy for veins in the face, keeping them young and healthy for the long term. Although laser skin treatment is a safe and relatively simple procedure, it still helps to know as much as possible before you seek it out. Is laser skin treatment safe? Does laser treatment leave scars? Is laser skin treatment covered by insurance? This article answers these questions and more.

Nobody knows for sure what the future holds, but experts in their various fields can make the most accurate predictions. Based on an examination of the best cosmetic surgeons available, here’s what Canadians can expect from the field of plastic surgery in Calgary in 2019. From rhinoplasty to laser treatments and more, you can expect these trends to take the world by storm in the new year.

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