At the most central point of your face sits your nose; the midline balance point for all of your features. This vital breathing tool goes unnoticed to many, but for some it is an unfortunate defining character of their appearance. While you may have been told it “adds character,” most people would agree that they don’t want the defining piece of their facial character to be their nose, but rather their vibrant smiles and sparkling eyes. Luckily, with growing advancements in cosmetic surgery, Rhinoplasty has become a very viable and accessible option to correct various different nose shapes and profiles.

As the years roll by, sleepless nights and sunny days start to catch up with us all. The highs and lows of a life well-lived display themselves for all to see in the folds of our skin, particularly our faces. The delicate skin around our eyes is usually the first place this aging process is visible and can be a spot that can age the face much quicker than desired. However, given advancements in cosmetic medicine, more options are available today than ever before to help you turn back the clock and slow the aging process around the eyes.

Your left and right nostrils are separated by a thin wall (nasal septum) of cartilage and bone that runs into your nose. In some people this wall can end up off-center causing one nasal passage to be smaller than the other.

Every day, countless Canadian women wake up afraid to look in the mirror; hiding from that one “quirk” constantly consuming their focus and staring back in defiance. Whether it’s dark circles, bags under the eyes, deep wrinkles, sagging skin, scars, deformities or remnants of old injuries, many are too afraid to attempt cosmetic surgery and try to conceal with elaborate camouflage techniques, spending endless hours and dollars on makeup, styling, and accessories.

If you are thinking about having rhinoplasty surgery, you should know that open and closed rhinoplasty do have several differences. Being aware of these differences is important because it will help you and your nose surgeon choose the best procedure. Let's take a quick look at the differences between the two procedures and tips for choosing the best one.

Canadian weather can be detrimental to much more than the economy. Your skin suffers from cold weather conditions, so it is paramount that you stay on top of your skin care. It is imperative to understand that no two people's skin is exactly the same, so while your skin may become more oily during the winter, another person's may become more dry. This is why you should take note of how your skin changes from season to season. If you’re unsure as to how you should alter your skin regime, you can always talk with a qualified skin care specialist. Let's take a close look at fall beauty tips for women to ensure you are prepared for the cold weather that is lurking right around the corner.

Rhinoplasty surgery, also referred to as a nose job, is a common cosmetic procedure for many people. It's performed when the patient has an undesirable nose shape from trauma, an accident, or natural causes and they are able to have the surgery done with little complications.

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