Acne and Acne Scar

More than 80% of the population is affected to some degree during their teen years, twenties and even into their thirties with a skin condition called acne. For most, it will be a somewhat distressing temporary condition that leaves no significant lasting effects. For others, acne can result in scarring that is disfiguring and affects self image in a negative way for the rest of their lives.

Though there are a variety of topical products that may somewhat improve mild scarring, most acne scars require treatment with laser skin resurfacing, injectable fillers, and/or surgical procedures. Most of these treatments provide long-lasting or permanent smoothing out and lightening of the acne scar. Some treatments also even control future breakouts.

Treatment of acne scarring is often dependent on the size, shape and depth of the scar since some treatments are more effective on certain types of scarring. Accutane use, though very effective in controlling active outbreaks, can be detrimental to many treatments for scarring and should be discussed with your doctor prior to treatment

With the introduction of fractional resurfacing technology such as the new Fraxel laser, treatment of acne scars has become effective and easy. Laser skin resurfacing takes less time and allows penetration of the skin layers to be more controlled than in some other methods. Because only small "fractions" of the skin's surface are treated, laser resurfacing results in less downtime and an easier recovery. Results from treatment with the Fraxel are dramatic and may take four to six visits to achieve desired results.

Another mode of treatment for acne scarring is injectable therapy. This method involves injecting material such as Restylane, under the scar to plump up the surface to the level of the skin around the scar. Though this treatment needs to be repeated to maintain the desired effect, the procedure is simple with little discomfort and the results are immediate.

Punch techniques are minimally-invasive surgical procedures that can be highly effective in improving the appearance of acne scarring. There are three types of punch excision and they all use a punch biopsy tool to correct deep acne scars.

Punch excision removes the base of the scar, and the skin is then closed with sutures and allowed to heal. Punch elevation uses the punch tool to remove the base of the scar which is then sutured to the surrounding skin. Punch replacement involves the removal of the scarred skin which is then replaced with a skin graft (most commonly from behind the ear).

These punch techniques are often combined with laser resurfacing to even out the surface and tone of the skin and are highly effective in improving the appearance of the skin.

For some scars, a surgical procedure that will detach the scar from deeper connective tissue may be required. This procedure is called subcision and usually requires one to three treatments. Bruising and swelling may last up to two weeks. This acne scar treatment is also usually combined with laser resurfacing for optimal results. Contact our offices today to find out which acne scar treatments may the solution for you. Dr. Kristina Zakhary, Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgeon, Facial Cosmetic Surgeon practicing in Calgary Canada will determine the best plan for treatment according to your individual needs and goals.

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What our patients have to say

Absolutely loved all the staff and Dr. Zakhary! Felt very welcome and was a wonderful experience overall. I went in with acne problems and Dr. Zakhary was very thorough in her explanations and terms of how to use the medications. Her staff were always there to answer any questions I may have had!!! Now after my struggle I am happy to say my face is nice and clear!
I would recommend Dr. Zakahary because she really cares for her patients and takes time with them. When working my daughter she was very sensitive and warm and made her feel very comfortable. My daughter is very happy with her results. Dr. Zakhary is excellent with adolescents.
I have been seeing Dr. Zakhary for over 6 years for my skin, Botox and fillers. I had very bad acne previously, went to many Docs and finally she was able to have the correct medicines to improve it big time! I also receive Btx for cosmetic/medical reasons and also fillers for my lips. I only trust her hands and artistic abilities.
I began seeing Dr. Zakhary last spring for Botox treatment and fillers for wrinkles and acne scars. She is very friendly and despite being very busy, she is always happy to take the extra time to answer questions or explain the procedure. The results have been great. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Dr. Zakhary to anyone who wishes to see a skilled surgeon who takes pride in her work and cares about her patients.
I’ve always had a mass of acne scars left over from childhood and I’ve never been able to get rid of it. When I called Dre. Zakhary, I instantly felt like there was someone actually trying to help me move forward instead of forcing me to buy something. The new laser treatment is amazing and after 6 sessions, it’s practically all gone!
Lilly Bowen
Dr Zakhary’s acne scar treatment worked great! The laser therapy she used got rid of practically all the scars I had since my teen years after only 5 sessions! I love it, thanks so much!
Neveah Macey
My son was suffering from pretty severe acne during his teen years and even as he grew out of it, he still had the scars left to show for it. Guess it runs in the family. He was stubborn so I personally went to Dr. Zakhary to discuss the problem. She explained the steps we could take to fix the problem. After I finally convinced him to come, the laser skin resurfacing therapy and it only took us 5 visits until we realized that more than two-thirds of his scars were already gone! Thanks to Dr. Zakhary, my son’s now again as handsome as he’s ever been.
Julie Holloway
I had some severe acne scars left over from puberty and decided to get it treated. As soon as I came in, I felt super embarrassed to be coming in for acne but Dr. Zakhary was there to calm me down and make me feel validated. It’s been 5 visits so far and the scars have almost completely vanished! Great service and would recommend to anyone.
Aimee Pearce
I've been with Dr Kristina Zakhary for more than 5 years now. First I had great skin issues, like acne and so on. However, Doctor offered me some treatments that made my skin much better. Together with my skin care, I also do Botox and lip fillers with her. Dr. Zakhary is my favorite beautician and medical practitioner whom I fully trust.
Sarah B.
I've had facial scarring from acne breakouts in my youth, and Dr. Zakhary was able to take care of it. I see a new side of myself in the mirror now! The office and staff helped walk me through the process and made sure that I understood what I was getting in to! Thank you once again!
Hadley Mehmel

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