As the technology, experience, and tools used to perform plastic surgeries continue to evolve, trends change from year to year. New products, new procedures, and even social acceptance drive these trends forward.

Facelift recovery is a little different for everyone, but for the most part, your surgeon can anticipate your needs and help you recover as comfortably as possible.

Breast asymmetry or unevenness is more common than you might think. It occurs when one breast is a different shape or size than the other, and it can cause chronic self-consciousness and discomfort.

Creams, serums, and other non-surgical procedures can often help with fine lines and wrinkles, but only facelift surgery can truly make you look younger, fresher, and more vibrant than ever.

If you’re on the lookout for a quality plastic surgeon in Calgary, you’re probably wondering what exactly it is you should be looking for.

At The Dr. Kristina Zakhary Plastic Surgery Clinic in Calgary, we believe that looking and feeling gorgeous is a right of everyone — no matter your age. Naturally, however, your beauty needs and regimen will change over time, and at a certain point, you may opt for a facelift.

Like fine wine, we all get better with age. We become more in-tune with ourselves, more knowledgeable and experienced, and definitely more mature.

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" Dr. Zakhary was amazing and very up front about the procedure. She answered all my questions in detail. Dr.Zakhary never made me feel rushed, she always took her time to make me feel confident in the procedure and in her. "

Mary B.

5.0 5.0