Common Nose Shapes that Rhinoplasty Can Help

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9 months ago

At the most central point of your face sits your nose; the midline balance point for all of your features. This vital breathing tool goes unnoticed to many, but for some it is an unfortunate defining character of their appearance. While you may have been told it “adds character,” most people would agree that they don’t want the defining piece of their facial character to be their nose, but rather their vibrant smiles and sparkling eyes. Luckily, with growing advancements in cosmetic surgery, Rhinoplasty has become a very viable and accessible option to correct various different nose shapes and profiles.

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When considering Rhinoplasty services, it is important to consider what aspects of your nose you are unhappy with. This ensures that you can clearly communicate your concerns with your Cosmetic Surgeon in advance of any procedure and have realistic expectations of what kind of outcome is possible.


    • .. is Crooked
      • A crooked nose is a very common complaint among people seeking Rhinoplasty. Whether caused by a facial trauma or just “born like that,” a crooked nose can be very noticeable and cause the face to be asymmetrical in appearance, ultimately affecting your attractiveness.
      •  FIX: Often, very crooked noses will require a procedure called an Osteotomy. This kind of reconstructive plastic surgery involves manipulating the bones of the nose and may also include a Septoplasty in cases where breathing issues are also present. Occasionally, your surgeon may be able to offer alternate options to correct your asymmetry, but as with all procedures, this requires individual consultation to discuss the features unique to your nose.
    • ... has a Bump
      • Bumps on the bridge of the nose are also a very common complaint and can come in various shapes and sizes. These can be natural or from an injury.
      • FIX: The aim is to smooth the profile of your nose from the front and side and remove the dorsal hump on the bridge of your nose. How much this is done depends entirely on you and your preferences. Some people want the bump removed entirely, while some wish to maintain their ethnic or family character and simply want the bump minimized. Consultation is critical to make sure that your desired outcome is achieved through either shaving of the dorsal hump or osteotomy.
    • ... is Narrow and Long
      • Some people feel that their nose is too narrow and/or long and causes a lengthening to the face that doesn’t flatter the rest of their features.
      • FIX: This common issue can be resolved by shortening the length of the nose by reducing the bridge, tip of the nose and a bit of a septum.
    • Wide or Flat Bridge
      • Commonly found in people of Asian, African or Hispanic backgrounds, people seeking to address this nose type often are aiming to rebalance the overall features of the face by calling less attention to the nose area.
      • FIX: Augmentation Rhinoplasty aims to add volume to the bridge of your nose by using implants or by adjusting the tip of the nose to play with proportions and shape. The ultimate goal is to narrow the width while refining the tip and base of the nose.
  • THE TIP...
    • ... is Bulbous or Rounded
      • This nose complaint is very common among men. It can make the nose appear inappropriately large for the face and cause an asymmetry to your overall facial appearance.
      • FIX: Reshaping the lower lateral cartilage allows the nose to acquire a more normal triangular shape with a smoother, more refined tip.
    • ... is Pointy
      • This common complaint often arises from excess or projecting cartilage at the nose tip.
      • FIX: The aim of this rhinoplasty is to soften and round the tip for a more delicate appearance.
    • ... is like a Beak
      • Commonly called The “Pollybeak” Tip results from the supratip (the part just before the tip of the nose) being overly full.
      • FIX: The aim of this procedure is to balance out the supratip in proportion with the rest of the nose without going too deep and becoming artificial looking.
    • ... is Droopy
      • The droopy tipped nose can appear hooked or move downward excessively when you smile or talk.
      • FIX: The aim is to address any issue with the columella (the bridge of skin and cartilage between the openings of the nostrils). This region of your nose can be wide, flare, hanging or retracted.
        • If retracted, it can cause the nose to look too short for the face. This is solved by lengthening it with cartilage grafts and repositioning.
        • If hanging, the extra tissue can be noticeable and can be addressed by shortening or removing the depressor muscle and refining the tip with an elevation.
    • ... are Asymmetrical
      • This is commonly caused by a nasal tip deviation, which usually includes a septal deviation of the Caudal Septum (lowest part of the septum)
      • If caused by a condition such as Cleft palate, reconstructive surgery can work to achieve greater facial symmetry overall.
      • FIX: Correcting the caudal septal deviation and adjusting the alar rims (nostril openings) to achieve a more even look.
    • ...are Wide Open or Flared
      • Many people are concerned about their nostril openings (Alar Rims) showing too much and having too much open space within them
      • FIX: This can be corrected by lowering the nostril rims and repositioning them to create a more flattering appearance of the lower nose.

With Rhinoplasty, a small change can make a big difference. The centralized position of your nose on your face offers you the opportunity to make a dramatic change to your appearance with a very small procedure.

Your surgery is as individual as your face. Your surgeon will take into account the unique architecture of your face and work to build the most flattering nose to suit your features from all angles. If you are currently unhappy with the shape of your nose, seeking a consultation with a certified Plastic Surgeon can be the first step to achieving the well-defined nose of your dreams.

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