Finally Fix Drooping, Stretched Earlobes With a Simple Reconstructive Surgery

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Earlobes can end up damaged or misshapen for a number of reasons. Fortunately, earlobe reconstructive surgery can fix earlobes that have been stretched or torn because of wearing earrings, an accident, or other trauma.


Why Earlobe Surgery?

One of the most common reasons for seeing an earlobe surgeon is “ear gauging” (deliberate and repetitive stretching of healed earlobe piercings). Ear gauging creates large earlobe holes that can then be filled with cork-like earrings and jewelry. Sometimes, however, down the line, patients are unhappy with their enlarged earlobes and want to get reconstructive surgery.

Even in individuals who do not “gauge” their earlobe piercings, but wear heavy earrings for many years, the lobes may stretch or droop excessively over time. In both of these cases, it’s even possible for the earlobe piercing holes to become ripped or torn. This is quite common with babies or children who may inadvertently grab and pull the ears of an adult while they are being held.

An earlobe surgeon can repair any type of drooping, stretched, or otherwise damaged earlobes with reconstructive surgery. Earlobe repair is a fairly straightforward form of minor plastic surgery that has a high success rate. The patients of earlobe surgery and matching facelifts Calgary has seen are overwhelmingly happy with their choices to get reconstructive surgery.

The Benefits of Reconstructive Earlobe Surgery

If your earlobes are damages, there are numerous practical benefits to seeing an earlobe surgeon and getting reconstructive surgery:

  • It’s the only way to bring large ear gauges back to their normal size.

Sometimes, right after getting your earlobes pierced with the typical small hole, the skin around the earlobe piercing will grow back together if left unfilled (without earrings).

Unfortunately, gauged earlobe holes and large typical earring holes that have stretched over time will not bounce back to their original size and shape or “grow back together” — even if left alone and unfilled with earrings for a long period of time. The only way to correct these issues is with reconstructive surgery.

  • You may have better luck when it comes to career and confidence.

Especially for those who gauged their earlobes when they were young and now may be unhappy with the decision, this reconstructive procedure is often useful for moving into a more professional, mature lifestyle. Gauged ears may not be ideal for seeking employment, for example, and patients often aim to improve their confidence by correcting this issue.

  • It’s a simple, fast procedure.

Finally, unlike some other forms of plastic surgery, earlobe surgery is fast and simple. It takes a little more than one hour, there is little to no pain, and the recovery period is short.

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