Rhinoplasty and Sports Activities: What You Need to Know

Rhinoplasty surgery, also referred to as a nose job, is a common cosmetic procedure for many people. It's performed when the patient has an undesirable nose shape from trauma, an accident, or natural causes and they are able to have the surgery done with little complications. It can also provide relief for patients who have breathing problems from crooked nasal passageways. Rhinoplasty is a simple surgery to undergo and recover from compared to others, but it is still considered a major surgery. This means that it will take time to completely heal and following your doctor's orders is recommended to ensure a desirable outcome.

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Many of Dr. Kristina Zahkary's patients have asked if it's possible to exercise and perform active sports after rhinoplasty surgery and how soon. In response, here are some general tips to keep in mind that many nose surgeons recommend regarding the same.

Do's and Don'ts of Post-Operative Sports

As a general rule of thumb, you'll want to avoid any type of strenuous physical exercise within six weeks after your rhinoplasty surgery. Remember that your body is adjusting to the entire structure of your nose being completely changed. If you push yourself too hard, you run the risk of increased healing time and swelling. Lifting heavy weights, too, is also not recommended in order to achieve optimal healing. Lifting heavy objects may affect how the stitches heal for your nose. Light swimming and walking is possible two weeks after surgery, but take precautions not to stress your body for the same reasons. And definitely wait at least one month before engaging in active sports that don't pose a direct risk to your nose!

You may wonder after a while if you'll ever be able to play basketball, soccer, or engage in martial arts again. But don't worry! With time and a little TLC, you'll be right back to doing those activities. It takes about one year for the nose to completely heal from surgery. Be sure to follow your nose surgeon's specific instructions for the most desired results.

Other Things to Expect After Rhinoplasty Surgery

It is normal for the first few days after nose surgery to experience nose stuffiness, slight nose bleeds, and swelling around the nose and eyes. This will tend to disappear one week after surgery. Your nose will be placed in a cast during that time and will be removed when the week is complete. After two weeks, the nose will return to looking socially presentable, and it will continue to improve on its own for the rest of the year. Numbness in the upper teeth and nose area may be present for a few weeks but gradually dissipates as the anesthesia wears off. If any discomfort is experienced during the recovery process, Dr. Zakhary can prescribe pain medicine as needed. But other than minor discomfort, rhinoplasty surgery has generally well-tolerated recovery with little pain.

Finally, don't forget to follow-up with Dr. Zakhary in post-operative appointments! These are essential to ensure that the healing of your nose is going smoothly. For questions about nose surgery, feel free to contact Dr. Kristina Zakhary. She will be happy to work with you in addressing your cosmetic surgery needs.