Am I a Good Candidate For Earlobe Repair?

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8 months ago

Torn earlobe repair is one of the most common plastic surgeries that is performed. Earlobes can tear and droop over time from wearing heavy earrings, accidents from small children pulling on earrings, fights, or accidents where your earring(s) get caught and snagged. Having your original piercings done incorrectly- too low on the earlobe- can also cause earlobes to sag from the weight of the jewelry in the ears.

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Torn or drooping earlobes can also occur with aging, because the cartilage in the nose and the ears grows as we get older and may lead to drooping and enlargement of the earlobes. This is usually something that develops over years and becomes more noticeable after a reasonable period has elapsed. While torn earlobes are common, they can be an eyesore and lead to insecurities about your appearance. If you are experiencing torn or partially torn or drooping lobes, you may be the perfect candidate for the procedure.

What Happens During the Surgery?

Earlobe repair is a simple surgery that is done under local anesthesia on an outpatient basis. After the procedure is complete, the ears will be stitched. The stitches remain in the ears for about two weeks. At that time, the earlobe will be re-pierced. If your earlobe repair was a bit more intense, the timing for having your ears re-pierced will be outlined to you by your doctor, as well as any further care practices. It is best to have the re-piercing done by the same plastic surgeon that performed the torn earlobe repair procedure.

What Aftercare is Necessary Following the Procedure?

Because earlobe repair is so simple, patients do not often experience much discomfort or even require pain medication after the surgery. There may be a slight aching or throbbing feeling where the surgery was done, but even this feeling is usually gone within a twenty-four-hour span. You will care for your earlobes using an antibiotic ointment. The stitches will be removed by the surgeon usually within one week following the procedure. The only thing you must avoid at this time is using a blow dryer so as not to burn your ears.

What to Expect After the Procedure

You can return to wearing earrings as soon as your doctor tells you it is safe. With your newly pierced lobes, it’s important to take better habits with caring for them. For instance, avoid wearing large, heavy and dangling earrings regularly. Make sure to be careful when you do- removing your earrings when brushing your hair and not wearing bracelets or chunky jewelry that may snag in them.

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