Is There Anything I Can Do About “Piercing” Regret?

Ear plugs, or "tribal piercings," have been a fashion trend in young adults for years. Their associations with counter-culture and popularity have attracted a lot of attention. But, as many grown adults have discovered after the decision to insert these into their lobes during their youth, having ear plugs done can become a recurring nuisance. They could get in the way of job hunting, formal occasions, joining the military, and even hinder interpersonal relationships. Can anything be done to reverse those gaping stretched out holes in your ears? Fortunately, the answer is yes when it comes to facial plastic surgery.

Ear piercing regret.jpg

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Dr. Kristina Zakhary, MD, is a facial cosmetic surgeon who is certified in a variety of plastic surgery procedures, including otoplasty and ear lobe repair. Whether your earlobes are stretched out from ear plugs or prolonged wear of heavy earrings, Dr. Zakhary can correct them so you can feel good about your ears again. Ear lobe repair patients often appreciate the freedom they experience after the procedure, and the repaired earlobes look akin to their appearance before the piercings. If you feel that this cosmetic surgery will help relieve any piercing regrets, consider scheduling a consultation to explore this option.

Earlobe Cosmetic Surgery: What to Expect

Compared to other types of surgery, earlobe correction is quick with little to no pain at all. Dr. Zakhary will work with you to form a strategy that achieves cosmetic restoration of your earlobes and help you erase any regret that accompanied a decision you made based on the fashion of your youth. The procedure itself is done locally in her office and is about one to two hours long. After the surgery, the recovery phase is usually six to eight weeks, much like it was when you first pierced your ears. After fully recovered, you can even pierce your ears again through Dr. Zakhary's recommendation if you like.

If you're tired of dealing with piercing regret, consider earlobe correction with Dr. Kristina Zakhary. Her expertise in helping patients feel good about themselves and their bodies can dissolve your regrets and move you towards a brighter future.