5 Winter Skin-Care Tips

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7 months ago

Canadians, especially here in Calgary, have been experiencing winter in ways they haven’t for years. Frigid temperatures and plenty of snow have wreaked havoc on everything from productivity to travel plans. On a more personal note, the winter can have ravaging effects on skin if certain precautions are not taken. Dryness, itchiness and even sores are among skin issues you could be facing. While these tips won’t make the days longer, they’ll definitely equip you for what’s ahead should you heed them:

Exfoliate and Moisturize – One of the easiest ways to combat dry skin due to winter weather is by including exfoliation and moisturizing techniques to your daily routine. Beyond just basic hygiene and cleanliness, exfoliating removes any surface dry skin cells while smoothing the skin in the process. Moisturizing helps you maintain your skin’s balance, as skin that’s too dry or too oily is susceptible to ailments that have disastrous long-term effects. Combining these processes will help you combat your skin’s natural aging process and help provide a barrier to what you face as you head into the outdoors this winter.

Stay hydrated - Getting your daily water requirements is a must for overall health sure, but the effects proper hydration has on your skin cannot be overstated. Water helps rid your body of toxins, which wreak havoc on your skin if you’re dehydrated. Staying hydrated also improves the colour and texture of your skin, helping you avoid blatantly dry skin and a gaunt appearance. While the average person should consume 8 cups (2L) of water per day, add a little extra to that – especially if you’re also including an extra coffee or hot beverage to help keep you warm!

Reduce Shower & Bath Time – This may come as a surprise after the previous tip, but taking long showers and baths (especially really hot ones) can contribute to skin irritation during the winter. Using soap, shower gel and special bath lotion can expedite the drying process when skin is exposed to extreme cold temperatures after a hot shower or bath. Consider mild soaps during the winter months. Also, hot showers can remove essential oils which ultimately lock moisture in once your skin is exposed to that water. So, while a nice hot bath or shower can be used as a treat when you know you’re going to just be staying indoors, reduce time and your temperature in the tub if you know you’ll be heading out shortly after.

Humidifier – Human ingenuity has helped us erect shelter and provide utilities to keep our homes warm during the cold months – fortunately, that ingenuity extended to fixing the problem that comes with man-made heating. As your home is being heated, moisture is being sucked out of the air as part of the process. While you’re certainly not going to turn off the heat, having a working humidifier in your home or condo will keep you from dry and itchy skin. While many furnace companies will now install one, having one in your bedroom that operates while you sleep can help your skin stay moist and healthy as you rest after a long day.

Get your zzzz’s – Sleep is crucial to you’re the health of your skin. As you sleep, your body is boosting blood flow to your skin. Skipping an hour or 2 of sleep on a nightly basis in the winter can cause your skin to look ashen and lifeless. Also, sleep-deprived people produce more cortisol, a stress hormone that increases inflammation. Think like a bear and be sure to get proper hibernation!

Follow these tips and you’ll arm your skin with the tools it needs to get through the winter in great health. That being said, should you have any issues with skin despite following these tips, speaking to a professional about facial peeling is highly recommended. We offer a plenty of non-surgical procedures in Calgary that can help bring your skin back to life – especially skin that has fought its share of winters and could use some heavy artillery in the war against cold temperatures, wet weather and, most importantly, aging.