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Dr. Kristina Zakhary is specialty trained in Facelift Surgery and uses her artistic skill to remove fat deposits and to tighten and reposition the facial tissues to restore to you a fresh, natural and youthful appearance.

Neck Lift / Mini Face Lift Surgery

For some patients, Dr. Zakhary may determine that cosmetic neck lift surgery is the best procedure to remove excess skin (wattle or turkey neck) and fat and to tighten lax muscles in the neck. This surgery may be performed in addition to facelift or may be the only tightening needed for a younger, smoother looking neck.

The neck lift involves incisions along and behind the ears and under the chin to remove excess fat with liposuction, and reposition or tighten the neck muscles with sutures which hold the repositioned tissues in proper place to create a natural, more youthful neckline.

The surgery takes about three to four hours and may be performed using general anesthesia in a fully accredited Calgary surgical facility, and recovery is similar to that of facelift. Dr. Zakhary will recommend that you wear a compression bandage for a while to hold tissues in place and decrease swelling and bruising. You should plan on taking a least two weeks off to recover.

Neck Lift Vs. Facelift

A mini facelift or Neck lift surgery is a minimally invasive procedure with shorter incisions than traditional surgery. Its results are less dramatic but can pinpoint specific signs of aging in the face. It is a very attractive option for you if you have specific facial enhancement needs. The advantage to a mini face lift is that it is tailored to meet specific needs, focusing mainly on trouble spots.

A mini face lift can address specific areas of the jowls, jawline and neck without the time and effort required for a traditional face lift surgery. It is like a traditional face lift in that incisions are required along the hairline or near the ears in order to help tighten droopy muscles and skin of the face and neck.

It prevents the need for more dramatic changes later in life and makes subtle changes to the face that doesn't look like it's been operated on. By using fewer incisions, the recovery time and number of complications associated with the surgery are reduced significantly. Undergoing maintenance mini face lifts is also easier than waiting to do a full face lift later on. This mini lift has been wildly popular among people with busy lives because of shorter recovery times.

Pre Procedure

During your facelift consultation, Dr. Zakhary will examine your face to assess the thickness and texture of your skin, the elasticity of your tissues and the severity of the creases and wrinkles. She will carefully examine your hairline so that she can determine the best places for incision placement for maximum camouflage of scars. Dr. Zakhary will tailor your surgery to you individually for your specific case and facial structure.

Pre Procedure

Dr Zakhary uses the Optimum Mobility Facelift technique, which was pioneered by Dr. Nabil Fanous. With this special approach, a maximum result is obtained using minimum surgical dissection, which translates to less swelling, no need for shaving the hair, and safer healing for the skin.

The incision starts above the ear, where it is hidden in the hairline at the temples. It then runs between the ear and cheek, into a natural crease, where the scar will be hidden and least noticeable. Finally, the incision continues behind the ear and along the hairline behind the ear, resulting in a scar that can be camouflaged by hair.

Post Procedure

Dr. Zakhary performs Facelift surgery as an outpatient, in an accredited surgical facility, under general anesthesia. Recovery from a traditional facelift takes about three weeks, during which bruising and swelling will resolve, although final healing of incisions may take up to six months.

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Dr. Kristina Zakhary

Calgary’s Top Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgeon, with over 20 years of experience specializing in facial surgery

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Questions & Answers

How long does facelift last?

Facelift surgery result should last from 5-10 years. How long the result lasts depends on many factors including: skin thickness, skin elasticity, skin type, sun damage, etc.

How much does it cost to lift your face?

The cost varies between $15,500 to $20,500 depending on several individual factors. Additionally, the patient will be responsible for the operating facility fees. Please call our office for a more reliable cost estimate.

What is the best age to get a facelift?

The best age to get a facelift is between 50 years old to 75 years old. The earlier the surgery is reformed, the better the skin quality usually, and the better the result.

Are mini facelifts worth it?

Mini facelift can be worth it if you wish a subtle improvement in jowls with a lower downtime and if you are between 45 to 50 years old.

Are face lifts painful?

The recovery is not usually painful and Dr. Zakhary and her team will do their best to improve your comfort during healing

How long does it take to look normal after a facelift?

Usually, patients are socially acceptable around 3 weeks post-surgery. Usually if all goes well, patients are ready for social gatherings/meetings/ parties after around 6-8 weeks post-surgery.

What our patients have to say

My after surgery period went smoothly and even faster than I thought it would. It proves how professional facial surgeon Dr. Zakhary is. I read how people suffered and survived after the procedure, I really expected it to be worse. I followed all the doctor's instructions, maybe that's why my healing was quick. I definitely recommend Dr. Zakhary.
I was happy to undergo my surgery with Dr.Zakhary and her clinic staff. From the start, I was nervous and doubtful. Dr.Zakhary blew away all my concerns and reassured me a lot about my future looks. I wanted my face to look natural after the surgery, and Dr. Zakhary shared my goals in full. I'm happy with my looks now and I'm proud of the results of the job that she has done.
For years I’ve struggled with nerves over my appearance, specifically my neck and chin. After extensive research and countless phone-consultations with other plastic surgeons I found myself in Dr Zakhary’s Calgary office. Fast-forward to now where I feel like a completely different person, one with confidence and a touch of vanity.
There is so much fear and uncertainty when it comes to plastic surgery, but all those misgivings went away when I met Dr Zakhary. She calmed me down—nerve wise, when it came to committing to getting the procedure done. She is an expert in her field and I am so very happy that I chose her as my plastic surgeon.
Thank you so much for the level of service and care you’ve shown me recently while in treatment and in office. I can’t stop smiling and feeling delighted when I think back on my visits with you, and because of the results I now see in the mirror every morning. Keep doing what you’re doing!
I had a neck lift with Dr Zakhary about 6 months ago. It turned out beautifully. No noticeable scars and I have received so many comments about how great I look. I absolutely would recommend Dr Zakhary to anyone considering facial surgery. She is very talented at what she does, but she is also very good with people. I would go back for sure if I felt I needed any other surgery.
The best doctor in town, compassionate and caring. I have met this doctor and also had surgery with her for a facelift. She is always just an email away and you can even email her secretary if you have any issues. She always replies back within an hour, even on the weekends. From the first phone call, til the last appointment, they are so pleasant and so caring.
I chose Dr. Zakhary as a result of a referral; I saw first-hand the outstanding results of the facelift. There was no 'overdone' or pulled look - it was very natural, with a refreshed, improved look for the patient, who is my friend. When I see my before and after photos now I am still amazed and it's been a year since my surgery. I am so much happier now when seeing myself in the mirror, especially when I see my turkey neck is totally gone!
Dr. Zakhary is a true professional and a very skilled plastic surgeon. I only have words of praise for the procedure I recently underwent in her clinic. As a medical doctor myself, I am well positioned to comment on the well-executed facelift procedure: from the introductory meeting to the final follow-up. All of her employees are knowledgeable about the process and provide the comforting support all along. I would recommend this surgeon to anyone I care about.
I had a very good experience with Dr. Zakhary. She was understanding and nice to me. Very easy to talk to her and you can tell that she definitely knows what she's doing. I wanted to thank her for all of her help. My facelift results came out amazing and all of the follow up appointments were great. The staff who work for her are very professional. They are always willing to talk to you and help you.

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