What You Need to Know Before Your Rhinoplasty Procedure

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9 months ago

Rhinoplasty, more commonly referred to as a nose job, is a plastic surgery procedure that helps alter the shape of your nose to make sure that you are more comfortable with your appearance. It is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures practiced today, but it’s best to make sure you are educated and relying upon the guidance of a skilled surgeon before the procedure. Facialcosmeticsurgery.ca provides terrific options and guidance for those seeking Calgary or Edmonton rhinoplasty.


Rhinoplasty Does Not Fix a Deviated Septum

A deviated septum affects more than half of the population, although only a small number of people are bothered enough by their symptoms that they need surgery to fix the problem. If you fall into this portion of the population, you should know that rhinoplasty services will not fix a deviated septum. That requires a septoplasty procedure, which can straighten out your nasal passage. Before you seek out a Calgary Rhinoplasty expert, understand that this is a cosmetic procedure, not something designed to solve a major medical issue.

Your Doctor Needs Your Guidance

You need to be vocal about what you want and expect out of your nose job. This is a serious procedure that involves changing a prominent feature on your face, so getting it wrong can have long-lasting effects. While an experienced cosmetic surgeon can provide complete rhinoplasty services, that doctor still needs to know what you want. When you first consult with a Calgary rhinoplasty surgeon, bring reference photos with you. Tell the doctor exactly what you don’t like about your current nose and what you want changed. This will allow you to get a face you are completely happy with in the end.

Give Yourself a Few Days to Recover

When you begin the Edmonton rhinoplasty journey, you receive an IV, just like any surgical procedure. You also receive anesthesia to keep you from feeling pain during the procedure and painkillers after the surgery to make sure that you don’t suffer any painful side effects. These pain killers and the procedure as a whole might leave you feeling groggy and drained. Make sure to follow all of your doctor’s instructions for recovery. In many cases, this will mean giving yourself plenty of rest after the procedure, so you should take time off from work to allow for this.

You Need to be Careful with Your Nose Afterward

In many cases, the bruises and swelling from your nose job will disappear within a matter of days. However, this doesn’t mean that you can engage in contact sports or other activities that might cause your nose to suffer an unwanted impact. The nose remains fragile for months afterward as the cartilage strengthens and reforms. Your doctor will give you detailed instructions about what you can and can’t do after this procedure. Make sure to follow those instructions and give your new nose the care you need.

The most important aspect of any rhinoplasty services is making sure that you work with a doctor you can trust. Facialcosmeticsurgery.ca is a great place to start to get in touch with a surgeon in the Calgary and Edmonton areas that can help you. Moreover, before you decide on a rhinoplasty procedure consider your financial options. It is not a secret that this procedure will affect your savings or you can refer to financial companies that can provide you with a personal loan on very affordable conditions.