As the years roll by, sleepless nights and sunny days start to catch up with us all. The highs and lows of a life well-lived display themselves for all to see in the folds of our skin, particularly our faces. The delicate skin around our eyes is usually the first place this aging process is visible and can be a spot that can age the face much quicker than desired. However, given advancements in cosmetic medicine, more options are available today than ever before to help you turn back the clock and slow the aging process around the eyes.


Simple procedures like Blepharoplasty have revolutionized the anti-aging world of plastic surgery. This procedure has been specifically designed to address “Droopy Eyelids,” a constant complaint made by people over 40 years old as they notice the delicate skin around the eye start to sag with age.

In the past, other procedures like Brow Lifts, have been used to address the sagging state of the eyebrow in addition to the eyelid. However, many plastic surgeons are now guiding their clients towards Blepharoplasty as a better solution to the hanging skin around the eye.


Blepharoplasty (also known as an Eye Lift) is a simple cosmetic, outpatient, day surgery which aims to create a more natural, youthful appearance to the whole eye. With very fine precision, the surgery can:

  • Address excess hanging skin through the entire eyelid region (not just the outer corner)
  • Address excess sagging skin under the eye
  • Remove fatty deposits causing eyelid “puffiness”
  • Improve crease definition
  • Improve eye-shadow contour space


Browlifts aim to stabilize the brow position and address hooding over the bony aspect of the eyelid by elevating the brow to a higher position on the forehead. However, this procedure only minimally improves the outer, upper eyelid skin that can hang down and does not actually remove any redundant eyelid skin. For people who are struggling with excess skin in this area, the browlift can provide only minor improvements. In addition, browlifts do not address any issues you may be concerned about underneath the eye, like sagging or puffy skin. For a more effective strategy in addressing the sagging, redundant skin all around the eye, a blepharoplasty is preferred.

So if you are struggling to regain that well-rested, refreshed look and want to stop hearing “you look tired” all the time, it may be time to start looking into what simple cosmetic procedures may be able to offer you the rejuvenated appearance you’re seeking.

To determine whether a blepharoplasty, browlift or a combination of the two would be best to brighten and refresh your eye area, it is important to seek a consultation with a board-certified, plastic surgeon. Your surgeon can personally evaluate the unique structure and aging process of your face and work with you to develop a plan to help make your new, fresh, bright-eyed look a reality.

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