Scar Revision: The Facts

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9 months ago

Your scars are a reminder that you suffered through something and came out stronger on the other side. That being said, if you’re tired of the physical reminder (especially if your scar is in an area that you know people can see regularly) then there are ways a plastic surgeon can remedy your problem with a safe and lasting solution.


Scar revision doesn’t remove the scar entirely. That’s the most important thing anyone should know before exploring this procedure any further. Plastic surgeons can reduce the size, shape and change the appearance of a scar. If you’re annoyed by the appearance of your scars, your first step should be to call a licenced, experienced plastic surgeon who will discuss your needs and what treatments are necessary.

You should know that, with time, scars can often become less noticeable. This is important for people who have had a recent injury/surgery and are immediately annoyed by the appearance of their scar. Because there are some medical treatments, like steroids, that can reduce tender and itchy skin, an experienced plastic surgeon will offer you a recommendation like waiting for an extended period of time before considering any scar revision procedure.

While scar revision is normally safe, complication risks are always a possibility. With any risk (including reoccurrence or inflamed skin) it’s vital that you know WHO is performing your scar revision procedure. Your plastic surgeon in Calgary, or anywhere you choose to have your procedure done, should be experienced and able to answer any and all questions you have before making your decision. This includes what to do after you see your cosmetic surgeon.

Again, the most important factor to keep in mind is that your scar will still be there. You’ll always have some sort of reminder of that bike fall or accidental puck in the face. The overall degree with which you’ll see improvement depends on a variety of factors that will be outlined by your cosmetic surgeon. This can include how well you take care of your skin normally and post-procedure or the overall size of the scar to begin with. Just know that there are solutions for you to help remedy any unsightly scar or blemish you’d like taken care of. You’ve already passed the mental hurdles – now it’s time for you to seek help when taking the plunge to remedy your physical scars.

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