Keep Your Rhinoplasty to Yourself…and Reap All the Benefits

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9 months ago

Facing the real world will pose new challenges as you become comfortable with the change in appearance after you experience rhinoplasty surgery. Reactions from those around you might make you a little uncomfortable as you go through the healing process. Most comments will surely be positive, but it’s normal to feel a little self-conscious in the days and weeks that follow. The best way to handle the week following surgery can be as simple as is a dramatic change in appearance elsewhere – especially if you’re looking to distract people from an area you feel is easy to spot.

1) The Healing Process Can Vary

The healing involved with rhinoplasty surgery guarantees bruising in the days that follow and swelling to your nose and face (mostly in area around nose). For many people, the swelling can last several months to varying degrees. In later weeks however, the swelling can minimize the appearance of the surgery that took place. Many people will not even notice you have had surgery as the swelling that occurs truly offers hardly a difference in appearance once bruising has subsided.

2) It Doesn’t Have to be so Obvious!

Before you even begin the process of going through with surgery, be sure you have an expert nose surgeon that you can trust with this procedure. Do research on nose surgeons in your area and take advantage of the free consultation. Make sure you are comfortable with the person and be sure the surgeon has generated positive reviews from former patients. A poor nose surgeon and poorly done nose operation will make it obvious to others you have had work done on your face – not to mention potentially causing damage that requires multiple surgeries to repair.

3) You Can’t Work Magic Without a Little Misdirection

Before returning to the real world, consider changing other aspects of your appearance. Brow shaping, professionally done makeup, and a dramatic new haircut and coloring can lead to a brand new look overall. Speak to your hair stylist about getting a shorter cut, such as a bob or a pixie cut, or add layers to your hair or bangs. If you have shorter hair, consider getting bangs or adding extensions and styling your hair differently. Also a brand new color for your hair, such as going darker or lighter, can draw people’s attention away from your face as they admire your new look. Many will attribute “what’s different” to your new ‘do or look.

There are many things that you should consider when deciding to have rhinoplasty surgery. But the reactions from others should be the least of your worries. This is about regaining confidence in your appearance. First and foremost, you should be happy with what you look like. Consider your choice to have rhinoplasty surgery just the beginning of a new look that, in essence, helps shape the new you overall.