How Skin Peels Help The Skin

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9 months ago

Chemical skin peels help to improve the overall look of the skin. At facial cosmetic surgery clinic in Calgary, you can treat a variety of skin conditions with this non-surgical treatment method. First, your skin’s condition will be assessed. A detailed health and skin history is performed as well as a thorough skin examination before the right peel is determined for your skin. Factors such as dark spots, redness and pigmentation will be addressed.

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How They Work

With the weather changing and becoming colder, the skin’s texture also changes. Before you consider plastic surgery, a skin peel can give lasting results that will improve your skin’s complexion. These non-invasive liquid preparation uses acids such as glycolic or TCA (trichloracetic), which exfoliate the uppermost layers of the skin cells on your skin. These acids help to improve the color and texture of the skin. They usually only take about 30 minutes and patients return to their daily life immediately.

There are two types of peels performed in Calgary, a light chemical peel or a medium one. The light one is low in concentration and doesn’t penetrate deep into the skin. While the medium peel penetrates more deeply and has a longer down time.

Candidates for Skin Peels

Most people of all ages can endure skin peels especially younger patients with acne, those who want to maintain their healthy skin and patients with aging skin too. All areas of the skin including the face, chest, neck and hands can be treated. Those with bulges, sagging skin or severe wrinkles are not great candidates for peels. People who are looking to acquire scar revision are also great candidates for a skin peel. Other cosmetic surgery Calgary procedures such as a brow lift, eyelid lift, face lift or fillers may be more beneficial.

Benefits of Skin Peels

Skin peels are non-invasive and are conducted safely in a facial cosmetic surgery center in Canada. In mere minutes, acids lift away dead skin cells and trigger a chain reaction. As the top layer is shed, signals are sent to living cells below to multiply, increasing collagen production. A skin peel provides for smoother skin that's both more radiant and more receptive. Skin care products perform better after a peel because there are no dead cells obstructing their penetration. Peels promote natural looking healthy skin with an incredibly youthful glow.

Skin peels have also been proven to help:

  • Treat wrinkles from sun damage
  • Improve the appearance of mild scars
  • Treat different forms of acne
  • Reduce fine lines under the eyes or around the mouth
  • Reduce the appearance of dark patches, freckles or age spots due to taking birth control or being pregnant

Ultimately, skin peels are appropriate for all skin types and all ages. A series of peels will help you to continuously improve upon your skin’s appearance and to maintain the youthful, healthy-looking skin you desire.