Aging and Facial Cosmetic Surgery - When Is it the Right Time?

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9 months ago

You will notice subtle changes to your skin’s elasticity and firmness as you age. The effects can be seen and felt all over your body but, what most people notice is the areas other people can see on a daily basis. The deepening of the folds in your face, the loosening of the skin in your neck area - every one of us faces aging head-on and many people will choose temporary, non-surgical methods to address these problem areas. The better long-term solution however, is facial cosmetic surgery. But how do you know when it's the right time for you?

1) Combatting the “Signs of Aging” Takes Heavy Artillery

There are three primary areas that a facial cosmetic surgeon will examine for facial surgery - the nasolabial fold, the jowls, and the neck area. These are usually the first areas you will notice signs of aging. Fillers and other non-surgical methods can improve the sagging and loosening of skin in these areas for a period of time. However, as these problem areas worsen, non-surgical procedures simply won't work as well and will slowly become a bad investment. Once you no longer see what you want to see reflecting back in the mirror, it's time for you to consider a consultation with a facial cosmetic surgeon.

2) Can You Afford It?

You must be financially ready to take this next step. Surgery is expensive and not covered by insurance. Also, on top of the financials of the surgery that’s performed, you may also need to consider the time away from work that’s required once surgery has been completed. The healing process is a minimum of two weeks. Depending on circumstances, you may also need additional care during that time. Be prepared for these additional costs. Ensure you have a strong support system in place, including a trustworthy facial cosmetic surgeon that you have consulted with and has outlined the entire process in depth.

3) Do Your Homework!

Preparing for your aesthetic plastic surgery also includes being emotionally ready. Deciding to use the surgical approach also should be solely up to you and not based solely on the suggestion of another person. Do research on the procedure and learn the risks involved. This is an important part of this preparation. It's important that you are ready for the toll this may take on you. This is why finding the right physician is so important. An experienced and knowledgeable cosmetic facial surgeon, from an accredited facility, will get to know you and help you prepare before you commit to any specific procedure.

The aging process is inevitable, if you’re lucky. Getting older doesn’t mean you can’t have the appearance you desire. The non-surgical approach will not be a permanent solution for signs of aging and you should seek out a trustworthy physician who can help you refresh your appearance and make recommendations on the right procedure for you - and most importantly, if it’s the right time to do so.