Non-Surgical Procedures

Acne Treatments

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Laser Vein Therapy

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Skin Peels

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Restylane Injections

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Wrinkle Reduction

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Laser Hair Removal

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In the vibrant city of Calgary, Dr. Kristina Zakhary extends her expertise beyond the surgical realm, offering an array of non-surgical treatments that deliver transformative results with minimal to no downtime.

Acne Treatments: Understanding the emotional and physical toll of acne, Dr. Zakhary offers state-of-the-art treatments that target the root causes, promoting clearer and healthier skin.

Fraxel: This advanced laser treatment addresses a myriad of skin issues ranging from fine lines, sun damage, to scars. Under Dr. Zakhary's guidance, Fraxel revitalizes the skin, revealing a fresher, more youthful complexion.

Laser Vein Therapy: Spider veins or broken capillaries are no match for Dr. Zakhary's laser vein therapy. This non-invasive treatment reduces and often eliminates unsightly veins, restoring even skin tone.

Obagi: A leader in skincare, the Obagi system, when overseen by Dr. Zakhary, rejuvenates skin at the cellular level, addressing concerns from hyperpigmentation to fine lines.

Skin Peels: Tailored to individual skin needs, Dr. Zakhary’s skin peels exfoliate and invigorate, revealing radiant and refreshed skin beneath.

Restylane Injections: A trusted dermal filler, Restylane is used by Dr. Zakhary to plump lips, smooth wrinkles, and restore volume, providing a natural and youthful fullness to the treated areas.

Wrinkle Reduction: Utilizing the most advanced non-surgical modalities, Dr. Zakhary expertly diminishes wrinkles, restoring a smooth and youthful visage.

Laser Hair Removal: Bid farewell to traditional hair removal methods. Dr. Zakhary’s precise laser hair removal technique provides long-lasting results, revealing smooth and hair-free skin.

The non-surgical offerings by Dr. Kristina Zakhary marry innovation with expertise, providing patients with safe, effective, and transformative treatments. For those seeking rejuvenation without the scalpel, Dr. Zakhary is your trusted partner in achieving radiant, youthful skin in Calgary.