When Rhinoplasty is a “Natural” Solution

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9 months ago

Rhinoplasty can help rectify issues people have with the shape of their nose. There a variety of factors that come into play – whether it’s from their natural look or damage incurred over time, that leads people to seek answers to questions about how rhinoplasty can help improve the look of their face. For the sake of this blog, we are going to look at a few reasons why people MAY want to change about their natural look and explore how rhinoplasty can help provide a nose more aligned with your vision for how you could look.


“My Nose is just too big!”

The most common reason we get from people looking to make a change is that their natural nose, they feel, is much too large in comparison to the rest of their facial structure. While the most common reason, this also requires more complex work as the rhinoplasty is needed to completely reshape the nose. That being said, this can prove most rewarding as, once the healing has completed, people in this category feel they can proudly showcase their great eyes or flash their naturally beautiful smile without a long or wide nose distracting others they encounter.

“Everything is fine except for this bulbous tip at the end!”

This is most popular with men we’ve treated. A bulbous tip can make a nose, one that would otherwise be symmetrical, protrude from the face and cause it to seem larger than it is. A plastic surgeon will gladly help with this issue for male and female patients, using specialized rhinoplasty for nose tips to remove the bulbous area and make the tip a size that is more in line with the bridge (and face as a whole).

“This bridge needs to be reduced in size, ASAP!”

Finally, the natural bridge of the nose has brought patients in to see us on a regular basis. This is where a plastic surgeon would use augmentation rhinoplasty to correct a bridge of the nose that is wide or too flat for a patient’s liking. This can mean narrowing OR adding volume (depending on the bridge) and requires techniques that should only be administered by an experienced plastic surgeon.

Make the right choice when making the above statements

When you are ready to take the necessary steps to feel good about your appearance and improve the way you feel about your nose, you will want to choose a highly trained cosmetic surgeon. Dr. Kristina Zakhary specializes in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, including rhinoplasty. Sign up for a personalized consultation so you can find out how you can feel good about the appearance of your nose.