Skin Care Tips: Start Preparing for Fall Today

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10 months ago

Canadian weather can be detrimental to much more than the economy. Your skin suffers from cold weather conditions, so it is paramount that you stay on top of your skin care. It is imperative to understand that no two people's skin is exactly the same, so while your skin may become more oily during the winter, another person's may become more dry. This is why you should take note of how your skin changes from season to season. If you’re unsure as to how you should alter your skin regime, you can always talk with a qualified skin care specialist. Let's take a close look at fall beauty tips for women to ensure you are prepared for the cold weather that is lurking right around the corner.

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Turn Your Lotion in for Creams

Once the air starts to become drier, it leads to your skin needing a thicker moisturizer. Creating a thicker oily barrier, creams give your outer layer of skin plenty of hydration by helping reduce water loss.

Get Rid of the Soap

Sure, soapy scrubs -- especially ones that are fragranced -- feel good on the skin, but it is important to be aware of how much they can dry out your skin. Once the cooler weather starts coming back around, you should get rid of the soap and instead opt for a soap-free cleanser.

Keep Your Lips Moisturized

To keep your lips best protected from drying out and cracking, you will want to use a lip balm that is non-petroleum based. Applying a coat on your lips at least once an hour when out in colder weather is highly suggested.

Sunscreen is still Important

Even if it is cold outside, it is still imperative that you wear sunscreen when you are out in the sun. Just because it is not warm outside does not mean the sun's UV rays won't cause damage to your skin. You will need to apply sunscreen with a SPF 15 even as the days get cooler.

Cuticle Oil is a Must

Dry weather can cause your cuticles to become very dry. And while hand cream can go a long way in helping your hands to stay looking their best, your cuticles often need a heavy-duty moisturizer; this is why cuticle oil can be of the utmost benefit.

Speak with a Facial Specialist

Those specializing in skin care and facial cosmetic surgery can provide you with valuable information relating to fall skin care tips leading into the winter. They can also perform an assessment on you to determine your exact skin care needs. You should follow all recommendations made after having a facial cosmetic surgery as this will go a long way in making sure your skin looks its best.

The Take Away

Don't wait until the colder weather gets here to start a new skin care regime. Instead, prepare yourself by learning the best fall skin care tips for women. Your skin is worth taking care of!