Decided to Remove Your Mole?

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7 months ago

If you have a mole or scar on your body, particularly if it on your face, it may be a source of constant embarrassment. However, you can have your mole safely removed so that you can get your confidence back.

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What are Moles?

Moles are round skin growths that can affect anyone at any age. The cluster of cells tend to grow very slowly and can appear anywhere on your body, either alone or in groups. Benign moles are typically symmetrical in shape, are generally no larger than the end of a pencil eraser and can appear light or dark in color. If you notice a change in the size, color or shape of the mole, or you have detected a change how it feels, it is important that you have the mole examined and that you discuss removal options with a plastic surgeon.

Having Your Moles Removed

A mole removal is a painless procedure that does not take long to complete. The area is numbed using either a topical numbing agent or a local anesthesia. The method used to remove your mole will depend on the type of mole you have.

For a mole that is relatively flat, it may be shaved off surgically using a scalpel. A mole that is slightly bigger and that protrudes significantly from your skin may be removed by using a laser to ablate or burn away the mole so that it is level with your skin. After your mole has been removed, the area may be treated with an topical antiseptic and may be bandaged. The scarring for these procedures is minimal. The scab that forms where the mole used to be will fall off within a week, leaving behind tender, reddish skin. In a few weeks, the new skin should have its regular pigmentation.

For moles that are the result of darker pigmented cells that are located deep in the mole, simply excising the mole by shaving will leave a noticeable dark spot on your skin. In order to have the mole completely removed, it may be necessary to conduct a full thickness excision. At the site where the mole is removed, you may receive a few stitches and may require another appointment a week later to have the stitches removed.

Who is a Good Candidate for Mole Removal?

You may want to consider a mole removal if your mole is a nuisance, such as constantly being caught on your clothing. If your mole is causing you to be anxious or self-conscious, having it removed can alleviate those feelings. Having your mole removed may also be advised if you have concern about whether or not it is malignant.

Dr. Kristina Zakhary provides the professional cosmetic surgery Calgary residents trusts. She will address your concerns about your mole and will guide you through the removal process.