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The advantages of Dr. Zakhary

Proven experts in the field

Dr. Zakhary has extensive training and expertise in both cosmetic and reconstructive nasal and facial surgery - successfully performing over 2000 cosmetic surgeries.

0% financing solution

Paying for these surgeries can get expensive that is why, we offer in-office 0% financing. We can split your surgical fee up to 4 equal payments. We also work with a third party financing company called MEDICARD who offer longer payment plans.

Award-winning surgeon

Dr. Zakhary is an award-winning surgeon, trusted by thousands of patients. She also received the Alberta Consumer Choice Awards for Cosmetic Surgery Procedures in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Advanced technique and technology

For over 15 years, Dr. Zakhary has been practicing and developing advanced techniques while using state of the art technology for facial cosmetic surgeries

Receive expert opinion

Clients are presented with an honest expert opinion regarding their procedure to assist in planning for the surgery and formulating patients’ goals.

Transparency between client and surgeon

We ensure to maintain a transparent relationship with clients. Keeping clients informed and safe throughout the procedures are our top goals.

* Please note that Dr. Zakhary’s clinic does not perform surgeries covered by Alberta Health Services (AHS).

Procedures that Dr. Zakhary provides


Surgical procedure

Nasal surgery can reduce the size, reshape or augment the size of a person’s nose, to create pleasant facial harmony and boost self-esteem. Dr. Zakhary also has extensive experience in reconstructive rhinoplasty to correct a broken or crooked nose.


Surgical procedure

Facelift surgery helps to reduce many of the signs of facial aging such as loose skin, jowls (loose jawline), "turkey neck" and deep creases beside the mouth and on the cheeks

Blepharoplasty (Eyelids)

Surgical procedure

Blepharoplasty, commonly referred to as an Eyelid tuck or Eyelid Lift, is a cosmetic facial plastic surgery which is designed to remove excess fat and skin from around the eyelids to give you a more refreshed look

Ears (Otoplasty)

Surgical procedure

Ears that stick out, and Earlobes that have stretched or torn piercings, or that are elongated and long, can be fixed with Otoplasty.

Chin Augmentation

Surgical procedure

Enlarge the chin in order to provide more shape and strength to the chin. Hollow flat cheeks can also be corrected through fat injections.


Surgical procedure

Forehead surgery works to smoothen the forehead and tighten the forehead muscles to reposition your eyebrows to a more desirable and youthful position.

Neck Liposuction

Surgical procedure

This form of plastic surgery and can be used to streamline, and contour the neck, resulting in a more attractive and overall youthful appearance.

Mole Removal - Scars

Surgical procedure

Moles are skin growths composed of a cluster of cells, which Dr. Zakhary has completed extensive trained to remove. During consultation, you will be provided with an action plan to reach your goals.

Filler Injections

Non-surgical procedure

Hyaluronic acid gel is expertly and gently introduced by Dr. Zakhary just under the skin’s surface to improve your face’s natural youthful contours and shape.

Wrinkle Reduction

Non-surgical procedure

Botox can be used to administer treatments to prevent or smooth out facial wrinkles. These wrinkle reduction agents relax your muscles motion in order to improve frown lines, crow’s feet wrinkles, and horizontal forehead wrinkles

Medical Skin Care

Non-surgical procedure

Dr. Zakhary uses medical skin care creams that have no toxic ingredients or parabens in them to help her patients to achieve great skin texture, colour and help to treat Hyperpigmentation, Skin Aging, and Acne and Acne scarring.

Skin Peels and Microneedling

Non-surgical procedure

Chemical skin peels and Microneedling are good options for improving overall facial skin complexion

Laser Vein Therapy

Non-surgical procedure

The goal of this procedure is to improve your complexion by reducing overall facial redness, spider veins or broken capillaries on your face and body.

Acne - Acne Scars

Non-surgical procedure

Since acne can result in scarring that is disfiguring and affects self-image in a negative way for the rest of their lives, this procedure smoothens out, lightens the scare, and sometimes even prevents future breakouts.


Non-surgical procedure

Dr. Zakhary uses the Fraxel® Laser to greatly improve your ’s skin texture, reduce pore size, improve acne scars, lighten unwanted age spots, brown spots and skin discolouration’s, and also rejuvenates the skin of the neck.

Dr. Zakhary: Top female surgeon of the decade

Dr. Zakhary is Calgary’s renowned Rhinoplasty and Facial Surgeon, having performed over 2000 Facial Cosmetic Surgeries. Earning numerous awards and educational achievements, Dr. Zakhary has mastered state of the art Facial Cosmetic Surgery techniques and combines unique skills of both a specialized facial surgeon and an artist to improve the health and confidence of her patients. She is American Board Certified with the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and is the Western Regional Director of the Canadian Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

“Patients aren’t chasing perfection. They want to improve their appearance while embracing their individual beauty.”

Dr. Zakhary

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