Nobody knows for sure what the future holds, but experts in their various fields can make the most accurate predictions. Based on an examination of the best cosmetic surgeons available, here’s what Canadians can expect from the field of plastic surgery in Calgary in 2019. From rhinoplasty to laser treatments and more, you can expect these trends to take the world by storm in the new year.

Skin Resurfacing

Of the various procedures that a Calgary plastic surgeon can do, skin resurfacing is one of the fastest and sports the shortest recovery time. Along with injectables and laser treatments, skin resurfacing is one of several minimally-invasive aesthetic procedures that provides immediate results with a minimum of downtime. In many cases, you can visit a plastic surgery clinic for this procedure and be on your way in just an hour or two. This makes the procedure ideal for todays on-the-go, constantly moving lifestyle. Since people want something that doesn’t require a huge time investment or a lot of recovery time, todays best cosmetic surgeons expect this procedure to gain popularity in 2019.

Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty

A typical Calgary plastic surgeon offers rhinoplasty services because they are so popular. Anybody who has ever felt a little uncomfortable with the form or feel of their nose is a potential candidate for rhinoplasty. Unfortunately, the procedure has the side effect of requiring a lot of recovery time, during which the patient is usually left wearing a heavy bandage around the nose. The best cosmetic surgeons now offer ultrasonic rhioplasty, which involves using a probe that emits ultrasonic energy to chisel and file the nasal bone. This reduces the tissue trauma, which means that patients are left with much less bleeding and swelling. It also reduces the trauma to cartilage and tissue, making the nose less fragile during the recovery period.

Radio Frequency Technology

Most people who visit a plastic surgery clinic for a face-tightening procedure have one of two options. They can either get a minor outpatient procedure done that will provide immediate results but also wear off quickly or they can have a more invasive procedure performed by a Calgary plastic surgeon that lasts longer but requires more recovery time. Some of the best cosmetic surgeons in the modern day now offer an in-between option. Using radio frequency technology to sculpt the face, plastic surgeons can now provide a more comprehensive and longer-lasting treatment than typical injections without the long recovery of a more invasive procedure. This fills an important niche that will draw a lot of attention in 2019.

4D Imaging

2018 saw a big bump in the use of 3D imaging during plastic surgery in Calgary, but that
s just a start. 4D imaging provides a real-time update on a patients facial and body structure during a procedure, so both the patient and the Calgary plastic surgeon can see the results of the procedure as it unfolds. 4D imaging uses augmented reality to show patients what they will look like after their plastic surgery is completed. This includes an update on different body proportions and facial structures. By using this imaging technology, surgeons can give their patients a more realistic set of expectations during a procedure. The real-time update also gives a patient a better chance to speak up if they start having second thoughts after seeing the expected results.

More Tweaks, Fewer Overhauls

The idea of somebody going into a plastic surgery clinic and coming out with a bandaged face and weeks of recovery time is slowly fading away in favor of somebody who can get a few minor tweaks and come out of the procedure ready to continue in their day to day lives. Even in cases of potentially major plastic surgery such as breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, and face sculpting, more people are opting for procedures that leave the general structure of their faces and bodies intact. In 2019, this will lead to people who seek plastic surgery in Calgary opting for tweaks such as proportionate breast enhancements, minor contouring, and facial fine-tuning.

Lip Lifts

The most common lip-related procedure for plastic surgery in Calgary is the use of lip filler to give a fuller look to an individuals lips. This treatment has the advantage of a quick administration and instant results. However, it can also leave lips looking slightly unnatural, making it obvious that the individual has had some cosmetic surgery. In 2019, many a plastic surgery clinic can expect to perform fewer lip injections and more lip lifts. A lip lift procedure takes a skilled plastic surgeon about an hour to complete and shortens the space between the bottom of the nose and the top of the lips. This raises the lips, making them look more luscious and firm. It is also a permanent procedure, which means that people who used to do lip injections every few months can now reduce their visits to their local plastic surgery office.

Body Contouring

Body contouring, which is a subset of procedures that sculpts your existing fat and muscle into a more aesthetically pleasing look, remained popular throughout the 2018 calendar year and will likely increase in popularity and frequency through 2019. This is largely due to new and advancing technologies in the body contouring field. Modern plastic surgeons use magnetic fields to activate muscle contractions in patients, breaking down fat and building muscle in a relatively short period of time. This not only helps to provide a more muscular look, but it does so in a natural way as though the body had been through months of exercise. These high-tech contouring options didnt exist previously, but they will be big business in 2019.

3D Face Lifts

Face lifts will probably always be popular, as they are the most effective way to look younger while avoiding a great many potential complications. However, the procedure itself is getting less and less invasive as time goes by. According to the best plastic surgeons in the know, 2019 will see more people opt for the 3D face lift, which plumps the face by pulling facial tissue into the patients cheek bones. This reduces aging lines and tightens the facial muscles, providing a more youthful appearance overall. Best of all, it has a minimal risk of scarring and is the least invasive version of a face lift yet in use, making it the ideal face lift model for the future.

The Importance of Local Plastic Surgery

Years past have seen the existence of medical touristswhen it comes to plastic surgery procedures. This means that people who wanted plastic surgery performed would often travel to different countries for more extensive surgeries as a cost-saving measure. This behavior is likely to end in 2019 and beyond for two very important reasons. First of all, the gap in cosmetic care is growing. That means that people who travel to countries with lower healthcare standards might be able to get plastic surgery at a lower cost, but the risk of complications is much higher. Secondly, the relative cost of cosmetic surgery is dropping. This makes local options much more affordable and appealing to those who seek plastic surgery options that dont break the bank.

Hybrid Breast Surgery

Whether due to the effects of a mastectomy or simply a desire to reshape the breast area, women across the world have opted for breast surgery for generations. Usually, this involves using silicone implants to augment the fat tissue and create larger but slightly less natural-looking breasts. In the modern era, it is now possible to create larger or more symmetrical breasts without creating an artificial look. Many plastic surgeons now opt for hybrid breast surgery, which combines implants with fat transfer to create more sculpted, natural-looking breasts. This eliminates some of the stigma that women face when they opt for breast surgery and should be much appreciated by many as the new year goes on.

The Value of Preventative Treatment

Finally, experts say that you can expect 2019 to be the year when young people realize the value of preventative cosmetic surgery. What happens in your youth can make a big effect on how old you look as you age? Similarly, getting small cosmetic tweaks before they become necessary can keep wrinkles from forming or skin from sagging. Young people have the benefit of a deeper understanding of advanced medical technology, making them more savvy regarding the long-term effects of plastic surgery. As such, plastic surgeons can expect to see a younger and more diverse crowd in the future as people who previously might shun plastic surgery line up to act now before the signs of aging set in.

The medical field of plastic surgery has grown by leaps and bounds over the years, advancing from something with only a few options to a robust scientific field that can cater to almost anybodys needs. The trends and procedures outlined above as a few of the ways in which you can expect this field to continue to advance as we move further into the year 2019.

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